Arts Hub- Lynn Lancaster

"Ritual is meditative, trance-like and hypnotic performance with sudden explosions and changes of mood and tone.

The lighting is sharp, fractured and atmospheric at times. The soundtrack pulses, thrums, hums and is eerie where appropriate. Hamilton’s choreography is edgy and stylised with the work tightly synchronised.

For the final segment we all sit on the floor and the cast are behind us in a circle of movement. Ritual is a powerful and hypnotic work."

Dance Informa Magazine- Michael Jarque

"As a taster for Twisted Element’s forthcoming work, RITUAL is an intriguing “amuse bouche”. The willingness to create and present challenging contemporary work in everyday spaces is rooted in Hamilton’s evolving artistic vision."


Sydney Scoop - Scott Wallace

“Eerily beautiful and unforgettable, go into Opus with an open mind and you will be blown away. Twisted Element have created a dance piece that transcends our preconceived notions of what a "performance" is, and what an "audience" is, with the aim of making us reconsider how we relate to the people around us.”


Dance Confessions - Naomi Norris

“OPUS stimulated both, intoxicating me with its unearthly-concepts and ideas whilst personally pressing me to feel triggers of suspense, humour, wonder and inspiration all at the once.”


Dance Informa Magazine- Linda Badger

“Opus is a fascinating statement on the potential future of man and machine, conformity and slavery to device and convention. She is well on her way as an emerging choreographer. Watch this space!”


Weekend Notes - Phoebe Hackett

“Shows like Twisted Element's Opus are proof that Sydney can remain a contemporary city and a very exciting place to be.”

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